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Contiki Operative System

Status: Base system ready, testing and debugging built-in sensors

Contiki is an IPv6 ready, open source WSN lightweight operative system, design to be highly portable and memmory efficient. Contiki is written in C programming language and has an event-driver kernel, but is also capable of handling per-process ultithreading and interprocess communication.


Contiki and Z1 Installation

Depending of the target operative system you want to install Contiki and Z1 support, you may need to follow different installation methods. We strongly recommend a first read of to the next subsections before choosing whether you prefer to download a ready-to-go Virtual machine image, install with RPM packages, or build the entire system from scratch.

Instant Contiki

[27.09.2010] Currently Instant Contiki does not include the most updated MSPGCC4 compiler needed to compile the z1 applications, but it will be included in an upcoming release. Instructions of how to install the MSPGCC4 support are available in the Manual installation section if you wish to upgrade Instant Contiki once downloaded and installed.

Instant Contiki is a virtual machine image that contains all the toolchains and software development tools needed to start working with Contiki. Instant Contiki requires the VMware software to run, and additionally 4GB for the HD install.

Reminder: Once running in VMware, log to session as login: USER, password: USER.

There is also a comprehensive guide that describes the scripts used to install and update Instant Contiki, and can be used also to perform a clean Contiki installation (skipping the VM related instructions) as the instructions for installing the toolchain (mspgcc4) are included


Please refer to the Manual installation in Ubuntu-like systems instructions, basically this will help you set up the environment with the required toolchain and a Contiki fresh copy.


There's an old link referring to Installing contiki in Windows for Tmote sky which gives a starting point.

Our instruction are somewhat incomplete and still under work (promise to get this done soon), please visit Contiki install in Windows to see what has been done.


You will probably want to follow this guide for running Instant Contiki on MAC OS X.

Contiki Walktrough: learn Contiki with your Z1 mote

05/08/2011 As now Contiki has a wiki page of their own, we will focus the next how-to releases to Z1 mote specifics

The following course is structured as Lessons, more experienced users can skip lessons and go to specific subjects, for new users is our recommendation to begin with Lesson 0 and complete all lessons in the proposed order. This course is in constant construction and enhancing, the proposed lessons and titles are subject to changes and improves. Our philosophy is to begin with a single example and grow to fully WSN applications.

Code of the examples and applications

The complete list of all the code examples and implementations can be found in:

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MansOS Support
General guides and apps