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Requirements: TinyOS install.

Please refer to the Install section Here

This tutorial is a summary of the instructions described in Install Yeti 2 plugin for Eclipse.


Install Eclipse

1.The requirements for the Eclipse plug-in Yeti2 are an Eclipse version 3.5 or newer. If you don't have Eclipse installed, install it from Ubuntu Software Center. You can install the Eclipse manually but you can have problems when using Yeti2.

2.Install Yeti2 plug-in:

  • Run Eclipse

  • Select all from Yeti 2 Core folder, from Environments folder select Unix and Base Environment options and continue:

  • Exit Eclipse and run Eclipse from the console:

  • Select TinyOS perspective and Check Installation:

Example of Use

Now, you are ready to start programming and compiling a Z1 mote on TinyOS with a friendly IDE !!.

You can start with the Blink example from TinyOS:

  • Open a Blink project: go to File->New->Project->Examples->TinyOS example and Next, select the options as shown below and Finish.

  • If you have your example loaded then you can compile it:

  • In “Make Options”, select de Default Target and Execute Make:

  • If there aren't errors in your code you have a Blink main.exe for your z1:

  • Finally you can load the compiled project to the Z1 mote:
    • Make Options → Add Target
    • In General: assign a name for the new Target
    • Go to Extras and Select “install”
    • Accept. If you select the new add and execute make you'll have the new main installed and your Z1 Blinking!!


  • When I ran the "Check Installation" option in TinyOS menu the result is erroneous.

Eclipse runs a script that check if the environmental variables that TinyOS uses are present. If using a different compiler (for example the mspgcc4 used by Contiki environment) then the script would not find the Tinyos default environment.

We can run in a terminal the following command (assuming Tinyos v.2.1.1 installed in the default prefix):

source /opt/tinyos-2.1.1/

And then IN THE SAME terminal open Eclipse by just typing its name and then run again "Check installation". If no errors are found this time (nevermind the warnings) then you have to go through your TinyOS installation referring to the environment setup.

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