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Community projects

Zolertia encourages you to share your Z1 experiences with other users! List your project here and create a page for your project.


Please read first prior project uploading.

A submitted project must provide the following information:

  • Project name
  • Status of the project (concept, developing, testing, finished).
  • Operative system (Contiki, TinyOS).
  • Brief description
  • If required, please indicate where to place the file(s) inside the OS.
  • If any, please indicates references of external sensors/devices.
  • Source files (Makefile, Config files, etc.). *Note: if the projects modify a filesystem file please include it.

A project page must follow these guidelines:

  • Title: brief and self explanatory.
  • Must not include offensive content/language to other users/readers.
  • Be self contained, if needed 2 or more pages please be sure it's really necessary.
  • Include a link to your project in this page for quick indexation and reference (edit this page and look the "User submitted projects" section).
  • Respect the order in which the project are posted, being at the top of the list does not reflect the status or importance or a Project.

Useful tips:

  • Please read Mediawiki help/FAQ pages for more help
  • Don't protect your project page, other users contributions might speed-up developing, debugging/test, etc. But be aware of the changes made to your page project, and if precise roll-back to a previous point.
  • Include media files (images, photos, videos) in your projects.
  • Remember you can embedd your video using: {{#ev:service|id}} -or- {{#ev:service|id|width}}. Where service could be: youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, funnyordie, goooglevideo, sevenload and revver.

Useful links:

Users submitted projects

TinyOS projects:

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