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Z1 Starter Platform

The Z1 Starter Platform contains everything needed to easily develop applications for the Z1. Development time can be reduced by leaving the best features of the Z1 with dedicated connectors, improving existing and adding new ones.

Z1SP closed with SMA antenna
Z1SP window
Z1SP board


In this section you will find a brief overview of the components inside Z1SP. The complete Z1SP documentation can be downloaded to be reviewed later in the links below:


  • RP-SMA connector for external antenna
  • Enclosure with battery-holder (2xAA) accessible from the outside
  • Three power supply modes
  • Two Phidget ports
  • One cascadable Ziglet port
  • Wheel potentiometer
  • Buzzer
  • JTAG connector (direct compatibility with TI debuggers tools)
  • Big User Button and Reset Button
  • System switch (REAL on/off)
  • Tri-color led
  • 12-pin expansion connector (1xSPI, 2xADC, 1xUART, Interrupt)
  • microUSB connector for power and serial port communication


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