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General info taking from MansOS

MansOS is an operating system for wireless sensor networks (WSN) and other resource-constrained embedded systems. It supports:

  • Analog and digital sensors (including I2C and SPI protocols)
  • GPIO port access
  • GPS data access (using NMEA protocol)
  • Unlimited number of software timers
  • Low energy consumption modes
  • Parallel execution (optional preemptive multitasking)
  • Radio communication
  • Custom network stack (addressing, MAC protocols, multi-hop routing)
  • IPv6 networking (using uIPv6 network stack as an external library)
  • Intuitive compile-time configuration for inclusion and exclusion of specific options
  • Run-time reprogramming
  • Interactive shell for basic control and data access
  • Integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Integrated easy-to-use scripting language (SEAL)
  • Other features

MansOS applications use plain C and UNIX-like concepts such as sockets for communication. In this way the OS offers smooth learning curve for a large target audience: those who have some system programming experience but are new to embedded systems.

MansOS has a built-in scripting language (SEAL) suitable for describing common WSN applications in readable and intuitive fashion. For example, only a few code lines are required to specify the basic “read sensors & send readings to radio” application in SEAL. Moreover: the graphical user interface (IDE) allows to use MansOS even to those with little or no programming experience.

The applications of MansOS include:

   SAD – sensor networks for precision agriculture Link
   LynxNet – wild animal monitoring using sensor networks Link

It is also used for educational purposes; in particular, in WSN courses at University of Latvia for teaching WSN OS concepts, and for student projects.

Zolertia Z1 support

Last update: May 3, 2012

A partial support for Zolertia Z1 mote is available. Both the MSP430F2617 MCU (up to 16MHz, 92 KB flash, 8 KB RAM) and 802.15.4 compatible CC2420 radio transceiver are supported by MansOS now. Peripheral components drivers will be added in the future. They include ADXL345 accelerometer, M25P16 external flash chip, and TMP102 temperature sensor.

How to install?

Follow the instructions detailed Here, there are different flavours depending on your taste.

For mmore detailed install information follow this [guide]

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