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Telosb/Tmote is a great platform that brought the easy of use of WSN to common people. Joe Polastre and Moteiv gave this big gift to the community creating this robust and well know platform.

Z1 is some kind inspired in telosb/tmote, it uses the same transceiver and the code is almost 100% compatible (you can type make z1 in almost all your tmote software), but there are some differences and improvements described here.

Hardware Differences


Tmote/Telosb mcu was msp430F1611 and Z1 is msp430F2617, even they are really close, there are few interesting improvents:

  • 16 MHz clock speed (vs 8MHz)
  • Built-in clock factory calibration
  • 92KB flash (vs 48KB)
  • Lower Power consumption (Half)
  • 10KB RAM (vs 8KB)
  • 2MB external flash memory (vs 1MB)
  • Digital 3 axis accelerometer
  • Accepts 2 phidgets
  • SPI and I2C buses don't use the same msp pins
  • Most of the msp ports are visible (all the ADC and DAC)
  • USB pins are visible to be able to use another kind of usb connector
  • 32 user space bytes to store the node id or whatever information needed by the user
  • Calibration tables are not deleted during programming

Software Differences

Other Differences

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