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Meet the Z1 mote

Z1 with phidgets connected

Get a first glimpse of the Z1 in our Brochure (view online)

The Z1 module is a general purpose development platform for wireless sensor networks (WSN) designed for researchers, developers, enthusiasts and hobbyists. It is a platform compatible with the successful Tmoteā„¢-family motes with several enhancements that offers roughly a 2x performance in several aspects.


Coming Soon

  • Over the air programming!

Product documentation

Hardware components

Supported Operative systems

Install guides and walkhrough courses available for:

Available toolchains

Release history of Z1 toolchain tarballs (MSPGCC) is available Here

About Zolertia

Z1 is the first public release of Zolertia a company focused on WSN development with years of experience in this field.

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